Simplify GST calculations

Complex GST and BAS calculations are a thing of the past – AccountRight Live Basics does all the hard work for you.
It can calculate GST on a cash or accrual basis (whichever is right for you) and gives you everything you need to prepare your Business Activity Statements (BAS).
A simple end of financial year close off ensures you get it right the first time. And financial data from previous years is accessible, so there’s no need to restore company files.
Once you’re ready to hand your data over to the ATO, you can even submit your GST and BAS online.

Track customer sales

Getting paid on time is a balancing act that involves good planning, full visibility and flexibility.
With AccountRight Live Basics it’s easy to track what’s owed to you and when you should be paid. The Sales Register window contains your sales transactions, organised into five categories – All Sales, Quotes, Open Invoices, Returns & Credits and Closed Invoices.
You can assign prompt payment discounts and late payment fees so they’re added to client transactions or accounts automatically – one less thing to manage!
To reduce the risk of unpaid or over-extended accounts you can even set credit limits. You’ll receive a warning if a customer exceeds their credit limit and you can also place a hold on sales when the credit limit is reached.

Know your bottom line

The Business Insights Dashboard puts key information at your fingertips, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions.
In one place you can view a summary of key financials, current profit and loss, who owes you money, who you owe money to and your available cash. All of this information can feed into your budgets to save on time and increase the accuracy of your forecasting.
You can customise the information displayed by adding or removing different panels, and save as an image file, or copy as graphs or a table.