Easy payroll management

When it comes to calculating employee tax (PAYG), superannuation and leave entitlements AccountRight Live Plus does the maths for you.
You can also work out the state based (payroll) tax for your business and generate reports as required. At year-end it takes just a few mouse clicks to complete and submit Payment Summaries.
And managing your employees’ leave entitlements has never been easier.
AccountRight Live Plus includes a feature that calculates and records employee leave statuses and balances for you. You can automatically accrue and manage annual leave, sick leave, Rostered Days Off and Time in Lieu, then deduct that time as it’s used. It also helps you handle long service leave.
You can generate accrual reports like entitlement balances for a quick overview.

Bill by time

The ability to track the details of every job is a real time saver when it comes to paying employees and charging clients.
The AccountRight Live Plus time billing feature makes it easy to record each unit of time spent by both employees and suppliers on an individual job.
You can also set billing rates based on the activity, or the hourly charge-out rate for a particular employee or customer. And record non-chargeable activities – handy if you want to keep track of costs like entertainment, which generally can’t be charged to the customer.
As a flow-on effect, timesheets, pay runs and invoicing become a quicker process for all involved

Inventory control

With AccountRight Live Plus, you’ll always be able to keep track of what you buy and sell, know what’s in stock and what’s on order.
As well as viewing what’s on hand, the items list enables you to compare physical and counted stock, and purchase costs and selling price.
It’s a flexible system that also lets you assign descriptions and images to stock, and buy and sell in different units.

Manage multiple pricing

Having the flexibility to set special prices and offer discounts for large orders helps maintain a loyal customer base.
AccountRight Live Standard automates these processes, enabling you to manage multiple pricing levels either on a permanent or one-off basis, assign them to customers, and offer predefined discounts for bulk orders.

Manage purchases

You can easily manage your own purchases and track and pay expenses, so you always know exactly where you stand.
In the Purchases Command Centre you can make bill payments to suppliers and creditors, as well as review and approve expense claims, with just the click of a button.
The Banking Command Centre is where you arrange and record your ongoing business operations costs (like rent). You can also keep track of cheque and credit card payments made and received, your credit card purchases and your ATM and internet withdrawals and transfers.