Retail Basics (RRP $389) 

  • Fast sales processing

Set up Wizard - gets you started easily. Turn your PC into an effective Point of Sale solution in minutes. Simply load MYOB RetailBasics and start ringing up sales! RetailBasics Set Up Assistants (Wizard) can set up your system in around 30 minutes, allowing you to process sales and GST fast and do "Cash Ups" in just a few clicks.

Ideal if you ....

  • Are starting a retail business or are tired of using a cash register
  • Have your own PC
  • Want to create a professional look for your business
  • Fast sales processing
  • Multiple payment types: cash, credit card and lay-bys
  • Easy handling of discounts, lay-bys, returns and credit card surcharges
  • Customisable to speed up your processes
  • Fast counting of your takings
  • Export your sales and receipt summaries to MYOB Accounting, MYOB Accounting Plus, MYOB AccountEdge, MYOB Premier and MYOB Premier Enterprise


RetailReady (RRP $1049) 

MYOB RetailReady is a complete retail point-of-sale solution. Whether you're just about to open the doors or are currently working with a cash register, MYOB RetailBasics contains all the software and hardware you need to start running your retail business smarter and more efficiently.


  • RetailBasics Software
  • Cash Drawer
  • Bar Code Hand Held Scanner
  • Docket Printer

If you already have POS hardware, and want a software solution to replace your cash register, take a look at MYOB RetailBasics - it's the easy way to turn your PC into a powerful point-of-sale solution.

NB: MYOB RetailReady & MYOB RetailBasics does not cater for stock inventory. MYOB RetailManager is the solution if you require inventory.