RetailHospitality (RRP $3149) 

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, MYOB RetailHospitality is a computerised touch screen point-of-sale interface that works in conjunction with MYOB RetailManager to provide you with a faster and more efficient way to run your business. Easy to learn and use, MYOB RetailHospitality also enables you to customise screen icons and security features to suit your needs. By combining MYOB RetailHospitality with MYOB RetailManager, your business will benefit from a seamless solution that can handle everything from tracking orders and tables to managing stock, staff and customer information.

Fast Sales Processing - MYOB RetailHospitality allows users to process sales fast with the ability to customise the sales interface with the products that you sell.

Fast Cash Sales - MYOB RetailHospitality allows you to configure Fast Cash buttons for processing cash sales meaning faster sales processing and reduced user processing errors. Setup cash buttons such as $5, $10, and $20 to easy select common tender types for fast sales processing. You also have the choice to customise the payment options you accept including all credit cards, EFTPOS and cheque.

Table Tracking - If you offer table service in your business MYOB RetailHospitality allows you to manage tables from a single screen with the flexibility to even transfer people to another table if they move. Printing of dockets to a bar or kitchen.

Sending orders to a bar or kitchen is easy with MYOB RetailHospitality. Once an order has been entered into the system it can be automatically sent to a printer that is located in a bar or kitchen. Additional orders can automatically be printed in the kitchen or bar or orders reprinted if required.

Easy Configuration - Configure MYOB RetailHospitality easily through the user friendly administration program. Configure all aspects of the solution including colours, button size, security features and connection to RetailManager.